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The Artist path-Less perfection, more authenticity.

Perfection is like the muse. It doesn't exist. So striving for perfection is the handicap we, as the artist, inflict upon ourselves. 
Once again we need to look at art in the 2 categories, the craft and the art. We can perfect our craft, but there is no perfect art. Confused? OK, so the techniques can be perfected, watercolor washes, drawing, or sewing,or silver smithing. Than the craft is applied to your art. Anyone can perfect a craft thru repetition. This is built on doing , making mistakes , do it again.    Because of this repetition you get better, after time you can master it. But once you add the an artistic concept to the craft, it changes and is no longer perfect.          And since art is as much mental as physical, it will never be perfect because we as humans are not perfect. Our brains keep exploring, attaching small bits of information we absorb to current thoughts. We can think in the abstract. Abstract by definition is not perfect. So why do we think we can create a p…

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