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The Artist Path-Diversify

Diversifying in the art world,  (or in my case the Art Doll world), means that while pursuing the fine art of my genre. I make items that are affordable to collectors without deep pockets.

This smaller, affordable work serves a couple of purposes
They build your collector base-If a customer likes your work but really cant afford it, offer them something they can afford. Than in the future they may buy a larger piece, or recommend your work to someone else. You get to try new techniques-You get to play, try things out on a smaller scale. Many times using scraps from other projects. You make money-Unless you are independently wealthy we all have to work to support ourselves as artist. Everything cost money, supplies, paint, clay, electricity, studio rent. To help off set the cost of the greater work you can earn some cash. You don't know where it will lead-I am currently working on a submission to a museum. I want my greater work to be in this museum, but until that happens I am crea…

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