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Artistic Path-Don't let the bastards get you down

Perseverance may the right word for this post, I am am writing specifically about one experience. Most artist have had it.
When you submit your work for a show or guild, and not only do you not get in, but the critique of your works is bias and frankly not encouraging.  Since 2012 When I thought I may good enough to publicly show my work, I submitted to dozens of shows, magazines and organizations. In an effort to get the genre out of the craft market and into the art market, I always to punch above my weight.  I know a famous actress that never reads reviews, because, " if you believe the good ones you have to believe the bad ones also." In a recent submission, Out of the ten people reviewing my work, only one thought it was worthy(with reservation) , the others contradicted each other in what was wrong with my work. One went critique went on to say it "wasn't art"! (They may want to talk to the two Art galleries that were showing my work this year.)   I read t…

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