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The Artistic Path-Broaden Your Skills

Always take the opportunity to learn something new, out side of your main discipline. These skills will come in hand, believe me.

I love the ancient art of marbling, and I knew it that I wanted to use it in my work. I spent a month learning the techniques. Learning the technique was relatively simply, but refining it enough to apply to my work took so much trial and error.

       I needed to make wings for one of my circus figures. I tried oiled paper, that thin polymer clay, twice. It was all right but not perfect. Than, as if the moons aligned, Kat Soto released a DVD on her technique for making wings.      I watched it than took two weeks working the technique out for myself. It took me two full pairs to get it right, but the results were perfect. just what I needed.
      Now I have two new techniques to use.  The more tools in your tool belt, the more opinions you have to bring your vision to light.
              Kat Soto-www.thedollsmith.c…

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