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The Artistic Path-The motivation to show up

You have to show up. Everyday in some way.         My work took a dramatic turn when I took my studio out of my apartment and started renting a studio space. The distractions in my apartment was even larger than I knew. I can now work on more than one piece at a time. All my supplies are in one space. there is an Art supply store a few blocks away, and I can walk to the studio. On the walk, I can go to the hardware store or the thrift store or buy some lunch. I use the walk to clear my mind and prepare for the work I will do when I get there. Since I pay money to rent the studio space I have an obligation to show up so I don't waste my hard earned money. That is a motivation.
You only get better by practice. Yes there is a degree of natural ability. Yes things do come easy to some people. Yes I am one of those people, BUT to refine and grow as an artist you have to practice your craft everyday. That is what a plateau is telling you.  You need to break th…

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